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Design & Architecture

Our main services and areas (broadly LAN, WAN, Data Centre, Cloud, Automation, Security, Wireless) where we can be of assistance are listed below - we strive to provide advice that is vendor agnostic, apolitical and independent. Our goal is to build the best possible solutions through a combination of deep business understanding, good network design, documentation and awareness (training/mentoring).


Even with the best planning in the world, unexpected things happen, both good and bad. We can help design a tactical solution that's in line with the overall business strategy, but addresses an urgent need - such as resiliency (working around single points of failure due to vendor issues or 3rd party supplier outages), performance (relieving pain points due to changes in application usage or traffic volumes) or growth (scalability issues requiring optimization of available resources).


Short and long term strategy alignment with business objectives is necessary for any IT infrastructure that empowers people to do their jobs or serves your customers. In today's interconnected world, this applies to every company out there and it can be a challenge to figure out what technology to use, how to manage cost and how investment will help grow your business even more.


(Net)devops, model driven telemetry, orchestration, infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD, scripting, these are all concepts (with many associated tools) that can make your life easier and allow for better scale - be it deployment, implementation or operation of IT infrastructure. By understanding your business, processes and the people who make it all happen, we can work with you to design & build the right tools for the job, from proof of concept to integration into your daily workflows.


Writing & maintaining useful documentation is hard. In many cases critical infrastructure ends up described by a mix of outdated docs, spreadsheets and tribal knowledge, slowly decaying over time. We can help create good habits, by encouranging maintaining functional descriptions of the infrastructure as a living thing, supported by succint design documentation to provide historical context. Collaborative tools and mindsets are a critical part of making this part of your company culture.

Build vs Buy

Worried about vendor lock-in, the (upfront & operational) cost of turnkey solutions, wondering about white boxes (commercial off-the-shelf) and open-source software? We can help you understand what are the pros/cons of going with either and find out which is the best fit for your business needs, culture and people.

RFPs and POCs

By using our domain knowledge and cross-vendor/cross-industry experience, we can help avoid the pitfalls of writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) and validating the responses, also ensuring that the chosen solution(s) will have been thoroughly investigated and their critical elements demonstrated (e.g. during a POC - Proof of Concept) in an environment created after the relevant design.

Other Services

Technical Training

Generic vendor or technology training will sometimes not be enough, especially when the solution is complex enough or the tools and methodology are new/different from what the organisation is used to. We offer custom-tailored training - with initial and follow-up sessions, including feedback from actually operating/using the solution - for a particular project, tool or technology that we designed and helped implement.


Information security is complex and difficult to get perfectly right: human awareness, online/offline confidential data handling, physical security, asset protection, encryption of data at rest and in transit, infrastructure security, remote access/mobility, BYOD, application design and deployment to production to name just a few. Getting the basics right is something we can help you with, as this is where the largest gains can be made and a critical ingredient in any good design. For more advanced topics, we can draw on our professional network to provide the best advice.

Technical Project Management

Infrastructure projects usually involve different teams and many times it's difficult for non-technical PMs to actively lead, influence and understand the challenges that appear as time goes on. An architect/TPM can be an invaluable asset, especially when he or she has deep understanding of the business and technical requirements of the project, and of the stakeholders involved.

Who are we?

Redbit Networks was founded in 2015 by Cristian who has been its director and lead consultant ever since. He draws on a wide professional network, both local (as the co-founder and co-organiser of the Irish Network Operators Group) and international from all over the world. Cristian has over 12 years of networking industry experience (with 5+ years as a designer/architect) and a diverse background (coding, system administration, mobile telecoms, enterprise, support, design).


Cristian Sirbu

Network Architect & Lead Consultant

CCIE #43453, B.Eng.Comp Sci, M.Sc. Mobile and High Speed Telecommunications Networks

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We are based in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland - its great connections to the rest of the world and the always connected nature of IT infrastructure work mean that we can help you wherever you are!